Altered Carbon is Buzzworthy And Bingeworthy

By R. Paul Dhillon

We truly live in a time when anything possible and this is so true in the visual – TV-Film – medium as any imagined worlds can be brought to life in full technicolor!

The just released, buzzy new Netflix series Altered Carbon, filmed right here in Surrey at the new Skydance Studios by mega producer David Ellison’s Skydance Entertainment, is a visual smorgasbord with ideas and intrigue to match. Just saw the first two episodes of the futuristic series that imagines a world where you never have to die as you can change bodies like an orgy buffet at a whore house. Essentially your consciousness and state of mind is uploaded to a small disc places in the back of your head and if you happen to die or get killed, well you just find another body (they call them Sleeves in the future) and of course you get shitty sleeves if you are poor and better if you are rich and of course the super rich and powerful can clone themselves so they can have a body that looks like them forever!

Fascinating ideas for humans and what an enticing premise adapted from Richard Morgan’s novel of the same name, the series unfolds like a Gum shoe detective mystery but this is a trippy trek through a neon world of Blade Runner and other such futuristic worlds that ground-breaking Ridley Scott film inspired. The first two episodes really drew me in so will definitely finish this Binge-worthy show.  Totally hooked!!!

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