CSS Releasing

works with Indie producers from North America and abroad, including India, and those seeking to release their films in a cost-effective manner in Canada and US. We own our own media, including Canada’s leading online South Asian magazine –www.desibuzzcanada.com. We also work with many print, radio, TV and electronic-online media companies to get the film the best possible exposure for the least amount of Advertising spend.

Our CEO R. Paul Dhillon is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker who is well known in media circles in Canada and can utilize all his contacts for our company’s film releases.

We also advise our producer-clients on the best strategy to release their films to maximize on their returns on a minimum number of high earning screens for their particular genre film.

Punjabi and Bollywood film producers looking to release their films in a cost-effective manner can benefit from our strategy and media contacts to get the best exposure for their films. Audiences for Punjabi and Bollywood films are growing around the world, including Canada and US, which combined are huge markets but you have to be smart in your release strategy.

You can spend all the money on advertising but if your film doesn’t have appeal it won’t matter. Our mantra is to do the Best with the Least amount from your pocket to get the best possible release that puts tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Send your Inquiries To: info@cssreleasing.com

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